jimmie johnson

Seven-time NASCAR Series Cup champion Jimmie Johnson invites Graham to an IndyCar race in California and to his personal warehouse of memorabilia in Charlotte for an In Depth conversation. The elite race car driver candidly talks of “the grind” that led to his 2020 exit from NASCAR, his thoughts on how to help save the struggling sport and a Formula 1 test drive that fueled his pivot into IndyCar racing. Plus, racing legends Mario Andretti and Dario Franchitti drop by to talk shop and we visit Johnson’s wife Chandra at her modern art gallery. 

Jimmie johnson


Jimmie Johnson: The Tom Brady of racing?

 Jimmie Johnson lets us under the hood and explains some of the mental components behind his storied career, including his race day persona, the massive energy drain of over-thinking before a race and the immeasurable value of his wife’s ongoing support.

Jimmie Johnson: Tour my warehouse of cars, guitars, bars

Jimmie Johnson offers a tour of his warehouse, which is complete with the first car and dirt bike he ever raced, guitars he’s traded away from musicians and a bar setup originally built in 1890 that he moved from Philadelphia to Charlotte.

I thought it was over: Jimmie Johnson’s brake failure at 150 mph

Racing superstar Jimmie Johnson details two of his scariest crashes, including when his brakes failed at Watkins Glen in 2000 and when he fell asleep at the wheel during the Baja 1000 in 1995.

Jimmie Johnson: Longtime crew chief questioned my commitment

Johnson opens up about his relationship with his former crew chief, Chad Knaus. Johnson explains the double-edged sword of their brutally honest communication, which he attributes to improving their performance on the track and helping the team win seven NASCAR Cup Series championships over the course of 17 seasons together.

Jeff Gordon or Mario Andretti? Rapid fire with Jimmie Johnson

Johnson offers quick takes when forced to choose between two options, including his preference between NASCAR movies “Talladega Nights” or “Days of Thunder” and racing legends Jeff Gordon or Mario Andretti.

Jimmie Johnson: Cycling Leadville 100 with Lance Armstrong?

Johnson explains how he’s altered his training regimen to account for the career move from NASCAR to IndyCar, which he says requires more upper body strength and workouts that call for shorter bursts of energy.

Jimmie Johnson: Wasn’t sure where some in NASCAR stood on racism

Johnson reflects on a 2020 incident at Talladega Superspeedway in which an alleged noose was found in Bubba Wallace’s garage and the FBI was called in to investigate.

Jimmie Johnson: My goal was F1, not IndyCar

Johnson lets us in on his first experience behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car, and how that experience led him to exploring paths to race in the F1 circuit.

Jimmie Johnson: By 16, I made more money than my parents

Jimmie Johnson talks of his early introductions to racing. Johnson remembers a motocross crash that forced reconstructive knee surgery at just 8 years old, when his dad attempted to end his racing career at 12 and besting legends within the sport at 16.

Jimmie Johnson ‘remembers’ partying with a newly-single Jeff Gordon

Jimmie Johnson shares stories of his friend and former foe, Jeff Gordon. Johnson looks back on a life-changing conversation when he sought out Gordon for advice, partying together in Europe and discomfort when racing against Gordon as they fiercely competed for NASCAR championships.

Jimmie Johnson’s marriage proposal twist

 Jimmie Johnson and his wife Chandra invite Graham to SOCO Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jimmie and Chandra showcase several featured pieces within their contemporary art space and bookshop, plus share a funny detail to their engagement story. 

Jimmie Johnson on leaving NASCAR

Jimmie Johnson recalls “the grind” of his final years in the sport, saying he was grumpy most of the time. He talks of the significant salary decreases among drivers and suggests that NASCAR cuts at least eight races out of its 36-race season. 

 Racing legend Jimmie Johnson says he gets carsick

Seven-time NASCAR Series Cup champion Jimmie Johnson rides with Graham to SOCO Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. While en route, they discuss Johnson’s recurring car sickness whenever he’s not behind the wheel, the misconception that he was raised and groomed into racing with a silver spoon, and what reengaging with NASCAR could look like down the road. 

 All Access Pass: A weekend at the raceway with Jimmie Johnson

 Jimmie Johnson, his Chip Ganassi Racing team and racing executives offer Graham unique access into the No. 48 Carvana Honda’s race at Laguna Seca as Johnson’s rookie IndyCar season neared its end. Johnson says he wants to race IndyCar as long as he can while former IndyCar champions Scott Dixon (6 titles), Mario Andretti (4 titles) and Dario Franchitti (4 titles) offer their perspectives on his transition into the sport. Plus, Johnson offers a tour of his luxury RV and Graham goes for a ride with Andretti in an IndyCar two-seater.