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We’re in North Carolina to spend a day with reigning NASCAR Cup Series champ Joey Logano. The Team Penske standout walks us through his tumultuous journey to the top of the sport, including controversial clashes with his toughest competitors and a timely win at Pocono that likely prevented a demotion. Joey’s wife Brittany joins the conversation and opens up about the couple’s pregnancy struggles and a medical miracle. Plus, we’re served provocative stories from Joey’s father and Graham rides shotgun in a couple of Joey’s coveted supercars.

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Joey Logano


Joey Logano: From friend zone to forever with my wife, Brittany

Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champ Joey Logano and his wife Brittany look back on their early days meeting at a local ice rink and eventually dating. Joey admits that his lack of experience around women led to some awkward advances and Brittany remembers his marriage proposal with a “dreamy” twist. 

 Joey and Brittany Logano: IVF, miscarriage and a miracle

NASCAR Cup Series champ Joey Logano and his wife Brittany candidly convey their journey through fertility struggles, blessings and even a miracle. They remember the blessings of having sons Hudson and Jameson via IVF treatments after doctors claimed a natural pregnancy was impossible. Plus, Joey and Brittany touch on a harrowing 2020 miscarriage as Joey was racing for the NASCAR Cup championship and later, the miracle birth of their daughter Emilia.

Joey Logano: Reaching Cup level, realizing I suck at driving

Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champ Joey Logano sits in for a therapy session with Graham as he opens up about his motivations behind the wheel and a constant fear of missing out on a world of opportunities. Logano explains the added emphasis of capitalizing on his current position at the top of his NASCAR and walks us through a realization in his late teens that he was finally going to have to work hard to best the competition.

Joey Logano: I should have 5 Cup titles by now

Team Penske star driver Joey Logano talks in depth about his focus on short-term goal setting and his obsession with finishing first – whether that be on the track or in NASCAR’s popularity ratings. The two-time NASCAR Cup Series champ goes on to explain how he could have taken home more Cup trophies in recent years and predicts that no one will ever surpass Richard Petty’s accolades. 

Joey Logano on Denny Hamlin crash: You wreck me, I wreck you back

 Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champ Joey Logano reflects on unwritten rules and driving etiquette amongst competitors and his evolving perspectives as he matures. Joey and his dad Tom Logano discuss a two-week battle in 2013 with Denny Hamlin, which led to Hamlin suffering a fracture in his lower back during a wreck in the final lap of the Auto Club 400. Joey says he wouldn’t change his actions while Tom says he was proud of his son for standing up for himself, after Hamlin hooked Logano in Bristol the week prior.

Joey Logano: I’m like Kyle Busch, but nicer

Two-time NASCAR Cup champ Joey Logano reflects on his relationship with Kyle Busch, saying their driving styles are very comparable but off the track they’re very different. Logano delves into the nickname Tony Stewart gave him, “spoons,” saying he did himself no favors as a young racer. Then, Logano recalls a memorable bird during his first meeting with future Penske teammate, Brad Keselowski. 

 Joey Logano: NASCAR prospecting is broken

 Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champ Joey Logano explains the immense financial cost of pursuing a career as a NASCAR driver, and how lesser-known drivers are actually spending money to race in the circuit. He says the current system doesn’t allow for the most talented drivers to reach the top, as it requires a particular set of skills but also access to significant pools of money. Plus, Logano praises NASCAR for stepping out of the box with new race locations and remembers a collective frustration with safety issues surrounding the Next Gen car. 

Joey Logano: Moving to TV after current 6-year contract?

 Two-time NASCAR Cup Series champ Joey Logano praises Team Penske owner Roger Penske, whom Logano has worked with since he joined the team in 2012. Logano praises “the Penske way” of professionalism and Roger’s commitment to prioritizing winning over profit. Plus, we get the inside scoop on the length of Joey’s 2022 contract renewal, predictions on when Joey will retire as a driver, and his interest in an eventual career pivot into broadcasting.

Joey Logano: Dad’s incredible investment in my early years

Team Penske star Joey Logano opens up about his professional and personal relationship with his father, Tom Logano. Both Joey and Tom separately share stories with Graham including when Tom sold his company and found the financial freedom to fully commit to Joey’s childhood passion for racing, plus when the time came for Joey to graduate to the next level and the difficulties of breaking those direct racing ties with his father. Tom also talks about when he forged Joey’s birth certificate at nine years old, so he could race in a Legends Series in Atlanta against adults.

 Joey Logano: Winning came easy, until I turned 19

 Joey Logano remembers the rollercoaster ride through NASCAR and Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR), which eventually landed him a car at Team Penske. Joey – along with his dad Tom and wife Brittany – takes us through the plethora of opportunities that blossomed when Joey was 15 – once Mark Martin heralded him as a future star in the sport. Joey says racing and winning came too easy for him during his early years, which led to an inflated ego and a reluctance to work hard and properly prepare for a race. Plus, the Loganos discuss a pivotal win at Pocono in 2012 that motivated Roger Penske to give Joey a second chance in the sport. 

 Joey Logano and his wife Brittany recall when they first noticed signs of Joey’s alopecia, and how they incorrectly blamed his hair stylist for butchering a haircut. They go on to explain when Joey was diagnosed with the autoimmune disorder, plus their return trip to the hair stylist for a heartfelt apology and a large tip. The two-time NASCAR Cup champ goes on to express his comfort publicly speaking about alopecia and his gratitude for support via HairClub.

Joey Logano: Harnessing post-funeral anger to help kids in need

NASCAR champion Joey Logano talks with Graham about his second chances Foundation and what inspired him to start it. Logano reflects on his ability to create a foundation that has the potential to change the lives of many children. Gavin Grubbs discusses his encounter with Logano through Make-A-Wish and how their friendship blossomed into a lifelong friendship. 

Joey Logano offers trophy tour, downplays Daytona 500

Joey Logano, two-time NASCAR Cup champion, takes Graham on an exclusive Clutch Studio Tour that showcases his racing career from the beginning to present. Logano displays many of his achievements and trophies, including his first Cup title in 2018 and the significance of his Daytona 500 trophy. 

Riding with Joey Logano, because he hates to be alone

We’re riding through the streets of Huntsville, North Carolina with two-time NASCAR Cup Series champ Joey Logano. As Logano throttles his 700 hp 1971 Ford Mustang Mach I, he takes a deep dive with stories including regrettable experiences driving around town, why he never wants to spend time alone and his philosophies on parenting, among other topics.

Burning rubber (literally) with Joey Logano

NASCAR champ Joey Logano offers Graham a drifting joyride in his high-performance 1935 Factory Five Hot Rod Drift Truck, which boasts more power (800 hp) and less weight than his NASCAR Ford Mustang. They top out at 150 mph and shred some tires.

Blindly trusting Joey Logano to not run over our camera crew

Go behind the scenes with Joey Logano, one of the most successful drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series. In this exclusive clip, Graham flexes his pre-interview research and Joey – in turn – flexes his own prowess when he gets behind the wheel of his high-performance 1935 Factory Five Hot Rod Drift Truck. Plus, the Team Penske star buzzes our crew just outside of Charlotte Motor Speedway and Seth may have peed his pants a little bit.

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