Ron Howard

Acclaimed Hollywood director Ron Howard (“Apollo 13,” “A Beautiful Mind,” “Arrested Development”) offers Graham an all-access pass to his personal and professional life, including a tour of Imagine Entertainment, a trip to his high school alma mater and invitations to speak with his inner circle. Ron opens up about FBI protection, an Oscars snub and one of his few regrets in life, among other topics. Plus, Ron’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard, brother Clint and prestigious business partner Brian Grazer add flavor with their unique perspectives.

Ron Howard


Ron Howard the Porn Star?

Hollywood director and actor Ron Howard remembers quitting his eight-season tenure as Richie Cunningham on Happy Days to full-on pursue his dream as a filmmaker. Two Academy Awards, four Emmys, a Grammy and two Golden Globes later, Ron says he’s more creative and less exhausted making his career behind the camera. Plus, Ron – along with his brother Clint and daughter Bryce Dallas Howard – reflect on a hypothetical, sensual scenario.

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer: The Oscars snub that still stings

The dynamic duo of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer – cofounders of the production company Imagine Entertainment – offer insight into the quirks and collaboration that benefitted Imagine for nearly 40 years to-date, while racking up an ensemble of industry accolades along the way. Both Howard and Grazer offer anecdotes from their decades together, including an opening night tradition that lasted 20 years and a shared broken heart at The Oscars, as “Apollo 13” was nominated for nine awards, but one glaring omission hit home.

Ron Howard: I care too much about your opinion

Famed Hollywood director and producer Ron Howard reflects on the pros and cons of his distinguishing personality traits, including impressive humility despite a wealth of industry accolades. We also hear from his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard, his business partner Brian Grazer and his brother Clint Howard, who collectively convey Ron as a man who lets his industry-leading work do the talking for him… and yet who cares deeply about the opinions of others. 

Ron Howard: Opie earned more than Sandy Koufax?!?

We’re walking and talking with legendary Hollywood director, Ron Howard. He strolls through topics including how a Sandy Koufax salary holdout in the 60s provided a shocking realization that he was out-earning the ace as a childhood actor, plus why Howard chooses New York over L.A. and why he stays on his feet while working on set – logging an average of 20,000 steps per day. 

Ron Howard: Minimal regrets in life, but this one remains

Award-winning director Ron Howard and his brother, actor Clint Howard offer heartfelt stories of their parents, Rance and Cheryl Howard. Ron explains how conversations with Paul McCartney inspired him to embrace his early fame as Opie in “The Andy Griffith Show” while Clint shares what it felt like to collaborate with his brother to coauthor their memoir The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family. Plus, the Howard boys gush over the spark and tenacity of their mother and Ron expresses his extra motivation to find acting roles for his father in his many films.

Ron Howard: When Andy Griffith quit the No. 1 show on TV

Ron Howard fondly remembers his father Rance, who doubled as his personal acting coach. Plus, Ron’s brother Clint Howard joins the conversation and paints a picture as to how their father politely challenged Andy Griffith and helped shape the depth of Opie Taylor as Ron’s character on “The Andy Griffith Show.” Later, Ron remembers when Andy Griffith took center stage at an end-of-season wrap party and announced his departure from the show, plus the warm embrace of a cast reunion nearly 20 years later that validated his childhood emotions. 

Ron Howard on George Lucas: No Star Wars audition?!?

Award-winning director and producer Ron Howard remembers an extended audition for George Lucas and a role in the 1973 film “American Graffiti,” which endured for six months before he was finally offered a role. Howard remembers Lucas’ surprising, uncensored film school advice and later, his inability to even get an audition as Lucas was casting for “Star Wars.”

Ron Howard: Awkward teen moment turned into 47+ years of marriage

Ron Howard walks us through his pursuit of marrying his high school sweetheart, Cheryl, including scouting her potential paths home from school to offer her a ride and mustering up the courage for another marriage proposal, despite earlier rejections. Now 47 years happily married with four kids and six grandkids, Howard explains how marriage counseling has helped the couple learn to problem solve. Plus, we hear from Ron’s daughter Bryce Dallas Howard, who offers up marriage advice passed down to her from her mom. 

Ron Howard: Phone taps and stakeouts amidst security scare

Famed director Ron Howard and his daughter, actress Bryce Dallas Howard, remember working with authorities to combat a security threat on their family, including wiretaps, surveillance and an abrupt relocation during the 1992 L.A. riots. Plus, producer Brian Grazer joins the conversation to help us understand how Mel Gibson’s role in the 1996 thriller “Ransom” was directly impacted by Howard’s real-life experience with the threat.

Bryce Dallas Howard: Why we couldn’t stay in L.A.

Award-winning filmmaker Ron Howard – along with his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard – explain the reasons the family moved from L.A. to a home with acreage and farm animals on the East Coast. Plus, they discuss the importance Ron’s wife Cheryl Howard placed on assigning the kids physical labor and other chores. 

Acclaimed Hollywood director Ron Howard offers quick takes when forced to choose between two options, including Tom Hanks or Russell Crowe and Clayton Kershaw or Sandy Koufax. 

Ron Howard office tour: Naming my kids after where they were conceived

We’re at Imagine Entertainment in Beverly Hills with co-founder Ron Howard, where he shows us around his office and the significance of a script wall in the main lobby. During the office tour, Howard showcases some of his favorite memorabilia from past projects, including a podium from Apollo 13, a Formula 1 helmet from Rush and a ukulele from Arrested Development. 

Ron Howard talks high school bullying, basketball, makeout spot

Childhood actor turned award-winning director and producer Ron Howard returns to his high school alma mater of John Burrough High School in Los Angeles. While walking the halls, he offers stories of meeting his future wife Cheryl, expecting and addressing bullies and reflects on his time at Burroughs as his closest brush with normalcy. Plus, Howard puts up a few shots on the basketball court and explains the surprising reason he set his sights on college enrollment. 

Ron Howard: Assault on my psyche as daughter bared all in college

Graham rides shotgun with Award-winning director and producer Ron Howard, who remembers impactful moments from his daughter Bryce Dallas Howard’s early acting career. Howard recalls watching Bryce’s first Broadway performance in Tartuffe in 2003, plus her involvement in a courageous cast of experimental college students, who performed for family and friends while nude. 

Ron Howard: Earning John Wayne’s respect on set

Childhood actor turned award-winning director Ron Howard looks back on the first time he met John Wayne, as they were cast together for the 1976 film “The Shootist.” Howard heralds Wayne as a giant in the industry and in stature, and how an abnormal offer forged a quick bond with The Duke. 

Ron Howard on charming Bette Davis, calming Jim Carrey

Famed Hollywood director Ron Howard serves up memorable moments on set with illustrious actors, including how he eventually won over a skeptical Bette Davis, tactics to calm Jim Carrey amidst panic attacks and lessons learned from a highly-prepared Robert De Niro, who went above and beyond to research his character for “Backdraft.” 

Ron Howard: Frightened for my brother’s life

 Award-winning director Ron Howard discusses tough times as his younger brother Clint wrestled with drug and alcohol addiction. Ron says he began to fear for Clint’s life as the addiction snowballed into delusional episodes and run-ins with law enforcement, but that Clint found his way out with the help of their father, Rance. Plus, we hear from Clint, who rejects the notion that Ron should accept any responsibility for his past addictions.

A prank for Brian Grazer, deep dive with Ron Howard | Behind The Scenes

We’re in L.A. to spend a full day with famed Hollywood director Ron Hoard, plus a bonus day with his inner circle, including production partner Brian Grazer, daughter Bryce Dallas Howard and brother Clint Howard. We start off at Grazer’s home, where Graham admits to a prank from a previous episode. Later, Bryce Dallas Howard and Clint Howard warm up to Graham’s questions and Ron Howard returns to his alma mater and eventually warms up to mid-range jumpers.

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