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We spend two days in Los Angeles with Swedish actor, filmmaker and martial artist, Dolph Lundgren. The chemical engineer turned “Rocky IV” villain remembers a rapid reorientation after finding fame, plus highs and lows of his family-like relationship with Sylvester Stallone. In great detail, Dolph reveals he’s been battling cancer since 2015 and how a newfound lease on life helped him wrestle demons of his abusive past and repair relationships with loved ones. We also hear from Dolph’s daughter Ida Lundgren, his fiancée Emma Krokdal and the UCLA doctor who saved his life, Dr. Alexandria Drakaki. Later, Graham and Dolph visit the “mecca of bodybuilding” in Venice Beach, where they’re joined by Dolph’s long-time workout partner, friend and fellow action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

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Dolph Lungren


Dolph Lundgren’s secret 8-year cancer battle | EXCLUSIVE

Swedish actor, filmmaker and martial artist Dolph Lundgren discloses that he’s been working with medical professionals to treat cancerous tumors since 2015 and at one point, he was told he had two to three years left to live. Thankfully, Dolph sought a second opinion and was put on a treatment that quickly shrank his numerous tumors, by as much as 90% last year.

 Dolph Lundgren on fiancée: She’s mature for her age

Actor, filmmaker and martial artist Dolph Lundgren offers stories from his first encounter and falling in love with his now fiancée, Emma Krokdal. Dolph raves about Emma’s maturity and how she helps to keep him young. Plus, we hear from Emma herself, who shares their engagement story and how her mom caught wind that she was sleeping over at his house.

Dolph Lundgren: Therapy saved my life

Swedish actor, filmmaker and martial artist Dolph Lundgren recalls the impact of years of therapy sessions, which he started in 2012. Dolph looks inward as he shares how therapy taught him to be honest with himself and examine the darkest areas in his past. He continues by remembering the lowest point in his life – prior to therapy – when he was a drinking heavily, disappearing for days on drinking benders with random women and wrestling with suicidal ideation. We also hear from Dolph’s daughter Ida Lundgren, who remembers when her father owned up to his mistakes and made amends with his family.

Dolph Lundgren: Learned karate to confront abusive father

Dolph Lundgren addresses his physically tough childhood, including facing bullies as a child and facing his physically abusive father, Karl. Dolph says there wasn’t a hotline available to call back then in Sweden and explains how his mother also fell victim to Karl’s physical abuse. Later, Dolph reflects on how his troubling upbringing sparked a desire to train in karate, plus, why he never challenged his father in adulthood. 

Dolph Lundgren: My gun-wielding ex, Grace Jones

Swedish actor, filmmaker and martial artist Dolph Lundgren remembers his first real girlfriend, Grace Jones. Grace – a famous model, singer and actress herself – caught all of the attention when the two were out in public, but that changed after the 1985 premiere of “Rocky IV.” Dolph goes on to share stories of his more eccentric experiences with Grace, including disarming her and a refusal to let her join uninvited, intimate encounters.

Dolph Lundgren: The more I cheated, the more my wife spent my money

Swedish actor, filmmaker and martial artist Dolph Lundgren says his finances diminished 90% from 1997 – 2007, fueled in some part by his then-wife Anette Qviberg. Dolph remembers feeling that his wife was impartial about his infidelity, so long as he continued to pay off her remarkable monthly credit card bills (roughly $60K per month) and bought her exotic cars. 

Dolph Lundgren: Did steroids prompt cancer diagnosis?

Swedish actor, filmmaker and martial artist Dolph Lundgren reveals instances throughout his illustrious career where he risked life and limb for his profession, including risky jumps without safety provisions and a decade of steroid use.

Dolph Lundgren: Standing up to Sylvester Stallone after 40 years

Dolph Lundgren walks us through the highs and lows of his working relationship with Sylvester Stallone, including Dolph’s initial casting on “Rambo: First Blood Part II” and a tumultuous rewrite of “Creed II.” Plus, Dolph remembers a warning from Stallone during his first day on set as Ivan Drago and a strong urge to punch Stallone and walk off the set of “The Expendables.”

Dolph Lundgren: The truth about my MIT scholarship

Chemical engineer turned Hollywood actor and filmmaker, Dolph Lundgren, looks back on the unique path he forged while excelling in academics, eventually landing a scholarship at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Plus, Dolph shares specifics about his transition from chemical engineering to acting, once he was discovered by model, singer and actress, Grace Jones.

Dolph Lundgren: I thought the cop was going to shoot me

Swedish actor, filmmaker and martial artist Dolph Lundgren raves about Los Angeles, saying, “You have to create your own reality here.” Plus, he remembers a harrowing run-in with local police and how an unintentional name drop of MGM Studios quickly deescalated the situation. Finally, Dolph offers his thoughts on U.S. gun control policy, and how it differs from his personal experiences in London and Sweden.

We’re at the legendary Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach with Hollywood action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dolph Lundgren. Arnold calls out that this is actually the 40th anniversary of their first meeting – which happened to occur at the same gym – while Dolph shows his appreciation to have a workout partner other than Graham.

Sparring with Dolph Lundgren: 4th-degree black belt, Ivan Drago

We’re in Marina Del Rey with actor, filmmaker and martial artist, Dolph Lundgren. Dolph – who found initial fame as Ivan Drago in “Rocky IV” – has practiced martial arts since he was 14 and is a 4th-degree black belt. Dolph and Graham shadow box before a brief, tame sparring session.

Behind the scenes in L.A. with Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Step behind the scenes with Graham and the crew as they galavant around Los Angeles with action film star Dolph Lundgren. Producer Brett cuts his teeth amidst California showers while Graham checks for any blockage in his airways. Plus, we get a post-interview reflection from Dolph and the versatile Arnold Schwarzenegger is gracious enough to stop by Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach – not once, but twice.

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