Josh Duhamel

We travel to remote Minnesota to visit with actor and director Josh Duhamel at his remote lakeside cabin. After a tour of his doomsday-inspired property, Josh challenges Graham to a series of outdoor, Buddy Games inspired activities. Later, in our sit-down interview, Josh opens up about his parents’ divorce, which led to financial insecurity and his dad living out of his car at times. Reflecting on his career, the actor explains how his “all-in” mentality pulled him out of his initial depressive and financial slump, and paved the way for his remarkable success. We also delve into Josh’s co-parenting approach with Fergie and gain insight into his relationship with Audra, as the two reflect on what makes their connection so special.

Josh Duhamel


Josh Duhamel on family struggles: Dad lived in car, Mom worked 3 jobs

Actor Josh Duhamel reflects on notable experiences from his childhood, ranging from lighthearted memories with his sister Ahsley to more serious incidents, like the car accident he endured as a fourth grader. Josh also opens up about the hardships his family faced in wake of parent’s divorce. And, in an emotional moment, he expresses gratitude for his journey and explains how experiences from his childhood have reflected in his parenting today.

Josh Duhamel: I felt like a fraud

Actor Josh Duhamel opens up about the challenges of navigating Hollywood and the feeling of inadequacy he’s grappled with since the beginning of his career. He shares how directing Buddy Games played a pivotal role in helping him overcome his self-doubt. From the time he was an athlete in highschool, Josh admits he has also been very self-critical. He describes the self-imposed mental pressure he endures in pursuit of a perfect performance, and the relief he feels once the set wraps.

Josh Duhamel: A mumbling match with Mel Gibson

Josh Duhamel takes us behind the scenes of his experience directing and starring in Buddy Games. He recalls the exhaustion he endured while balancing responsibilities on set, as well as his daring choice to buy back the rights of the movie to ensure it saw proper distribution. Finally, Josh discusses the plethora of spinoffs that Buddy Games has inspired, including movie sequels, a TV series and the annual Buddy Games competition among his friends.

Josh Duhamel: F*** you, coach

 Actor Josh Duhamel reflects on the moments that shaped his athletic career, from fond memories in middle school basketball to tense interactions as a college football player. Josh recalls the influence of Steve Alford’s basketball videos, pressure he faced to succeed as a highschool athlete and tension with a past football coach that results in Josh cussing him out in front of recruits

Josh Duhamel: Broke and living on couches after moving to LA

Josh Duhamel shares key moments from early on in his career, which include dropping out of dental school, getting discovered by a modeling agency and battling depression after moving to Los Angeles. The renowned actor explains that adopting an “all in” approach to auditioning transformed his future. By maintaining his extreme dedication while acting on soap operas, Josh says he was able to hone in on his acting skills and eventually break into Hollywood’s movie scene.

Josh Duhamel: A life-changing recommendation by Steven Spielberg

Actor Josh Duhamel reminisces on his time spent working on the Transformers series. Having gotten the role of William Lennox through the advocacy of Steven Spielberg, Josh expresses gratitude for the unbelievable impact that Spielberg has had on his career. He also shares appreciation and insights into working with director Michael Bay, including the unique experience of learning 90% of his lines on the fly and the pressure that comes with acting amidst a whirlwind of moving props and explosives.

Josh Duhamel on forgetting James Caan was in The Godfather

Josh Duhamel reminisces on his relationship with legendary actor James Caan. Their bond formed during their time co-starring on the TV series Las Vegas, where James took on the role of being his mentor. Josh shared the impact of James’ acting insights, along with valuable family advice. Plus, Josh recalls the embarrassing moment where he forgot James was a part of the iconic film, The Godfather.

Josh Duhamel on coparenting with Fergie: We knew what not to do

Actor Josh Duhamel opens up about his relationship with Fergie, revealing valuable lessons learned from their breakup. While reflecting on their Hollywood-centered relationship, he says he missed a sense of normalcy, and that returning to his roots in North Dakota has helped him find it again. Plus, Josh talks about how he and Fergie’s experience with divorce as a child has informed their amicable approach to co-parenting.

Former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson makes a guest appearance to ask about the origins of Josh Duhamel’s Vikings fandom and seek advice that will help the Vikings claim their first championship title. Josh shares that the Vikings have served as an important connection to home throughout his acting career and that, despite the sh** he’s talked about Kirk Cousins, he believes the Vikings have a real shot at winning in the coming years.

Quick hitters with Josh Duhamel: Randy Moss or… ?

Actor Josh Duhamel offers his opinion on several topics while playing a rapid fire questions game, answering tough questions about movies, lake activities, card games and football.

 Actor Josh Duhamel and his wife Audra reminisce on significant moments from their relationship, from their initial encounter to Josh’s creative “message in a bottle” proposal. Addressing their age difference, the couple agrees that, although Audra is 21 years younger, she surpasses Josh in maturity. Finally, they credit the strength of their bond to their shared interests and values, mutual accountability, and the profound feeling of being home in each other’s presence. 

Josh Duhamel: Tour my doomsday-inspired lakeside oasis

We traveled to Minnesota to visit with actor Josh Duhamel at this remote lakeside cabin. As a self-proclaimed doomsday prepper, Josh reveals the survival resources features on his property, including three wells and a foot plot. He also takes us on a tour of his two cabins, showcasing his outdoor sauna and fully functional outhouse. Plus, Josh and Graham embrace the lake-lifestyle, going for a swim off the doc and taking the jet skis out for a loop.

Actor Josh Duhamel challenges Graham to a series of outdoor activities at his remote lakeside cabin in Minnesota. Graham faces a steep learning curve as he tries to navigate the bow and arrow, while Josh showcases his precise aiming abilities. The competition doesn’t stop there, as Josh challenges Graham to a high-stakes ax-throwing contest, with the loser having to shotgun a Busch Light.

2 days in the middle of NOWHERE with Josh Duhamel | Behind the Scenes

The In Depth crew traveled to the middle-of-nowhere Minnesota to chat with actor and director Josh Duhamel. Josh – perhaps one of our most hospitable guests to date – gave us a tour of his huge lakeside property and even grilled us dinner.

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