Power of Politics

On a special episode of In Depth, we share famed athletes and entertainers’ best stories from the world of politics, including Richard Branson’s daring hostage negotiations, Craig Robinson’s presidential encounter on the basketball court, and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life-changing conversation with Richard Nixon. Plus, we hear from Tom Hanks, Greg Norman, John McEnroe, Richard Petty and many more!


Arnold Schwarzenegger: Nixon said to run for governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger traces his Republican roots to Richard Nixon’s presidential campaign and recounts when the former President first planted the seed that Arnold should run for Governor.

John McEnroe: Trump offered $1 million to play Serena Williams

John McEnroe shares the story of Donald Trump’s $1 million offer to compete against Serena or Venus Williams, plus his thoughts on the hypothetical outcome of the match and his involuntary place as “the fall guy” for the gender debate.

Richard Branson: Hostage talks with Saddam Hussein

Sir Richard Branson shares how he was uniquely positioned to command a successful hostage negotiation with former President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. He also looks back on the regret of not coordinating a meeting between President Nelson Mandela and Hussein in time to stop “an unnecessary war.”

John Daly: President Clinton doesn’t play fair

John Daly jokes about golfing with the former President and his excessive habit of taking mulligans

Greg Norman: Bill Clinton ruined my knee

Greg Norman reflects on when he nearly rejected President Bill Clinton’s request to play golf based on the sitting U.S. President’s political viewpoints, taking George H.W. Bush’s advice to accept the invitation and how golf with President Clinton changed Norman’s philosophy on prejudging others. Plus, Norman says that President Clinton fell on his knee and caused him to have three surgeries to repair the damage.

Craig Robinson: President Obama election night stories

Craig Robinson recalls election night in Chicago with the future President Obama and his family, including how President Obama prolonged the most suspenseful moment of the night and when Michelle Obama realized she could never drive again.

Tom Hanks on Trump: Not sure he took his oath seriously

Oscar-winning actor and activist Tom Hanks talks about his involvement in politics, and why this moment in history is so important. Hanks questions whether Donald Trump took his Presidential oath seriously. He also recalls speaking at the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Plus, hear his stories from moments in the White House, spanning across three presidencies, including the moment his wife, actress Rita Wilson, ran into President George W. Bush on her way out of the restroom.

Annika Sorenstam interview lands crew at Capitol riot

Graham and the crew look back on their coincidental placement in Washington D.C. the day of the Capitol riots. They recall how the turmoil initially led to the crew landing exclusive access to Annika Sorenstam’s Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony, until some of that access was revoked at the last minute. A month later, we catch up with Annika at her home in Florida, where Graham flexes his athletic prowess by smashing golf balls and dominating on the pickleball court.

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