best of season 13

Graham and the crew share their favorite moments from In Depth’s Season 13, including an initial meeting with Graham’s #1 fan Will Zalatoris, a private magic show by David Blaine, a surprise interview with Ben Stiller and an epic workout with Dolph Lundgren and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The team also got to spotlight their St. Louis pride with interviews from NBA star Jayson Tatum and comedian Nikki Glaser.

Best of Season 13


David Blaine: I did NOT want to be on Graham’s show

 Russell Simmons, co-founder of Def Jam Records, reminisces on the early days of his career, beginning with his bold decision to drop out of college and work as a party promoter. He also discusses his passion for hip-hop and highlights his knack for identifying and guiding talented musicians towards success.

Spending time with our No. 1 fan, Will Zalatoris

Graham and the crew share their favorite moments from their interview shoot with golfer and In Depth fan Will Zalatoris in Dallas. Graham recalls going head-to-head in a friendly chipping competition at Tony Romo’s house and digging into some Texas barbeque.

Graham nearly jeopardized our Nikki Glaser shoot

Graham and the crew look back on their long-winded shoot with St. Louis-based comedian and aspiring musician Nikki Glaser. Our memorable moments include Nikki gifting a producer signed Taylor Swift memorabilia and going a few hours over the scheduled interview time. Plus, we traveled to Boston and got surprising access to Nikki Glaser’s vocal cord surgery.

The one hole in our Jayson Tatum interview

The team remembers our shoot with NBA star Jayson Tatum. Some memorable moments include attending a basketball camp at Jayson Tatum’s high school, getting a peek at Jayson and son Deuce’s close relationship and touring his home in Boston. Plus, Graham’s athletic abilities were put to the test while playing basketball and he shares an embarrassing moment that occurred during the shoot.

Ben Stiller showed up on our Dirk Nowitzki shoot

We reminisce about our shoot with former NBA player Dirk Nowitzki in Houston, Texas. Moments that stood out to Graham and the crew include Dirk’s polite demeanor, chatting with actor Ben Stiller at a celebrity tennis tournament and Graham surprising Dirk with his athleticism on the tennis court. 

Ballet in the Bronx with Misty Copeland

Graham and the crew remember their time in New York City with professional ballet dancer Misty Copeland, including surprising young dancers at their ballet class in the Bronx and Graham showing off his slightly impressive ballet skills.

Our producer ruined the moment during our Tom Izzo interview

We offer a behind-the-scenes look at our trip to East Lansing to visit with longtime men’s college basketball coach Tom Izzo. The crew recall feeling nervous about Tom’s attitude going into the shoot, producer Brad interrupting Tom while he discusses a sensitive topic and shooting free throws at a Michigan State basketball practice. 

“He’s going to kill one of our cameramen”: Drifting with Joey Logano

We look back on our time in Charlotte, North Carolina with 2-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Joey Logano. Graham remembers an important lesson Joey Logano’s father taught him as a kid and what happened when he pushed Joey Logano too far. Plus, Carlos and Seth share their reactions when Joey Logano almost hit them on the drifting track.

That awkward moment when Ron Howard couldn’t make a shot

Graham and the crew reveal the most memorable moments from our time in LA with director Ron Howard. Some highlights include Graham interviewing Ron Howard’s longtime partner Brian Grazer and daughter Bryce Dallas Howard. Plus, we toured Imagine Entertainment and shot some hoops in Ron Howard’s high school gymnasium.

The time we stood up Arnold Schwarzenegger

We remember our time spent in LA with actor and filmmaker Dolph Lundgren. Some memorable moments include Dolph revealing his cancer battle and health journey as well as producer Brett making an emotional moment during Dolph Lundgren’s daughter’s interview a bit awkward. Plus, after we accidentally stood him up, we got pumped with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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