gridiron Greats

On a special episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger, NFL legends reflect on the unforgettable moments, close calls and lessons learned during their record-breaking careers. “Gridiron Greats” like Emmitt Smith, Joe Namath, Michael Strahan and Brett Favre recall the peaks and valleys of their journeys, from overcoming injuries to Super Bowl victories.

Gridiron Greats


Emmitt Smith on why his draft day call from Jimmy Johnson was a dream come true and why he cried for 30 minutes as an Arizona Cardinal playing in Dallas.

Emmitt Smith remembers playing the entire second half and overtime with a severe shoulder injury during a crucial NFC East game against the New York Giants, and the painful flight home in which the Cowboys nearly rerouted the plane to get him to a hospital sooner.

Jerry Rice explains why the fear of failure propelled his success and the difficulty of his first year in the NFL.

Joe Namath recalls telling University of Alabama coach Bear Bryant that he “thinks” he was ready for a game and how Coach Bryant gave Namath a lesson in preparation. Plus, Namath suggests that many quarterbacks underthrow receivers during games because most receivers won’t run full speed at practice.

New York Giants Hall of Famer Michael Strahan details his pregame routine, plus the mentality behind smiling for team photos and being the last man on the defensive line to drop into a stance. Strahan says the hours spent watching game film helped him dissect plays and made the game easier.

Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer Brett Favre said he started for 321 consecutive games because he was always worried about losing the job.

Joe Thomas expresses his pride for playing in the NFL for 10 years without ever missing an offensive snap and details a huddle during a blowout against the Steelers in which Thomas’ backup tried to take him out of the game and unintentionally end his consecutive snap streak.

Tony Romo was given an unprecedented broadcasting deal from CBS Sports. The former Dallas Cowboy quarterback discusses what the contract means to him. He reflects on his first football contract, standing up to Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones, demanding what he was worth.

Terrell Owens talks about his inaccurate image among some members of the media as the guy that destroyed locker rooms, expresses pride in his NFL achievements and explains how he’s striving to be a better man.

We remember our time spent in LA with actor and filmmaker Dolph Lundgren. Some memorable moments include Dolph revealing his cancer battle and health journey as well as producer Brett making an emotional moment during Dolph Lundgren’s daughter’s interview a bit awkward. Plus, after we accidentally stood him up, we got pumped with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Adrian Peterson on coming within eight yards of Eric Dickerson’s single season rushing record, eyeing Emmitt Smith’s all-time rushing record and how a Super Bowl win trumps all.

LaDainian Tomlinson describes an emotional moment playing in front of his parents at Cowboys Stadium and against his childhood idol, Emmitt Smith. Plus, LT reflects on his record-setting 31 touchdown season and the feeling of scoring No. 31 at home.

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