Graham and team travel to New York to spend time with Jerry Seinfeld. The comedy icon recalls the secret of Seinfeld’s success and his crucial decision early in the sitcom’s history. Seinfeld also opens up about his struggles after the sitcom wrapped up and searching for direction on what to do next. The stand-up star discusses his early days of finding his purpose on stage and an impactful conversation with the legendary comedian Jackie Mason. Seinfeld also shares his family’s impact on his life and the significance of exercise and meditation. Finally, Seinfeld reveals the phone calls that led to an all-star cast of his new film, Unfrosted.

Jerry Seinfeld


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld reflects on his early love of comedy, sharing how as a child he would write down jokes he liked from watching TV, and shares he would have loved to be a cartoonist. He elaborates on his rise to fame by discussing meeting Jackie Mason, blanking on stage in his first show at Catch a Rising Star, and the opportunity to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld opens up about his father and his connection to comedy, sharing how he learned everything from him and believes there was a genetic component. He also reflects on his parents’ tough upbringing and his own childhood, sharing how he craved challenge and difficulty.

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld opens up about his relationship with talent manager George Shapiro, calling him a father figure, and discusses their shared joy of show business. He also shares how different they were, calling him warm and amazing with people. He explains why he likes to be around those who are good with other people, sharing that he avidly hates small talk.

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld opens up about his writing process, reflecting on an early experience when somebody from the crowd yelled “heard it” and why he still thinks about that comment to this day. He shares the importance of writing, discussing how he took two years to work on a joke, and compares the art of comedy to martial arts.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recalls the beginning of Seinfeld, turning down a 24-episode offer from newly formed Fox in favor of a 4-episode offer with NBC, calling it a no-brainer. He reflects on Larry David’s involvement as well as how they got the network to take a step back with their involvement. Seinfeld also discusses the importance of timing in TV and movies, sharing how he would bring a stopwatch with him on stage.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld speaks on his constant drive and the difficulties of not performing for two years during Covid. He also shares his exercise routine and his love for transcendental meditation, stating the three keys to a successful life are transcendental meditation, lifting weights, and espresso.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld opens up about his feelings of depression and darkening moods, elaborating on how this tendency comes with a creative mind. He also shares the impact of his kids, calling them the greatest show on Earth and how much fun they are to watch, as well as discussing his parenting style.

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld shares his thoughts on marriage, explaining why comedians are not meant for marriage but why he insisted on giving it a go. He recalls his first date with his wife Jessica Seinfeld when she attended the filming of his HBO special, and explains the relationship between them works because of their mutual crankiness.

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld recalls his visit to Israel, discussing how he feels close to the struggle of being Jewish, and reflects on experiencing a missile attack in Tel Aviv.

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld reflects on his recent film, Unfrosted, sharing how different the process is in comparison to a TV show, how amazing the star-studded cast is, and an incident that led to him stopping production to say that the movie doesn’t matter. He also expresses his thoughts on his recent 70th birthday and shares his motivations and aspirations.

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld recalls the creative process behind his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode with then-president Barack Obama. He discusses the original plan to visit a coffee shop but wasn’t able to due to the size of the Secret Service, as well as wanting a top secret file and a copy of Mad Magazine on the coffee table but having to settle for fruit instead.

Actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld is put to the test with these rapid-fire questions!

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