Graham travels to Boulder, Colorado, to spend a day with chef and entrepreneur Kimbal Musk.  The Tesla board member recalls a tough childhood in South Africa alongside his brother, Elon, before eventually moving to America. Musk remembers his ultimate gamble on Tesla and fighting to help Ukraine in its war against Russia. A restaurateur, Musk shares how he got his start in the kitchen – and became an innovator in the farm-to-table movement.

Kimbal Musk


Kimbal Musk discusses his beginnings as a young entrepreneur noting how he made $100,000 in one summer and almost missed an investor meeting after being stopped at the border for not having a proper visa. He looks back on creating Zip2 with his brother Elon, sharing experiences of sleeping in their offices to save money, having a book thrown at him while meeting with the Toronto Star, and later selling the company for $307 million in cash.

Restaurateur Kimbal Musk sheds light on his connection to cooking, which roots back to a time with his parents and how he now continues those moments with his own kids. Musk recounts his time at the International Culinary Center in New York City and reflects on the significance of volunteering to cook for firefighters following 9/11, which ultimately led him to open a restaurant.

Kimbal Musk discusses scheming with Elon to put firecrackers in their mother’s boyfriend’s cigarette at just 7 years old and how his sister Tosca sold their house while their mom was on holiday. Kimbal also recounts one of his first entrepreneurial pursuits of trying to run an arcade with his brother and cousins.

Kimbal Musk recalls the violence he witnessed during Apartheid in South Africa. Kimbal opens up witnessing a murder and later seeing his brother Elon beat up to the point of becoming nearly unrecognizable. Kimbal opens up about the relationship with his dad, who he says tortured them emotionally and psychologically.

Entrepreneur and environmentalist Kimbal Musk discusses his mother Maye Musk escaping from an abusive household with him and Elon. He shares how his mom supported them and began modeling at a young age but found success at 67 years old when her modeling career ascended to “supermodel” status.

It wasn’t always an easy road for Tesla. Kimbal Musk remembers the EV company’s two hardest years, 2008 and 2018, as bankruptcy concerns fueled a very uncertain future.

Advanced skier Kimbal Musk recounts rupturing his spine while tubing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with his kids that left him paralyzed from the neck down, and the messages from God following this incident. He opens up about his life post-injury and discusses his non-profit work, his divorce, and how he connects with his kids through cooking.

Restaurateur Kimbal Musk recalls inventing the farm-to-table movement with chef Hugo Matheson and how they influenced the farming industry by introducing email to farmers. Musk discusses his billboards which share alternatives to processed foods as well as how his indoor farms, Square Roots, are changing the game by using less energy and land.

Kimbal Musk discusses the beginning stages of SpaceX and working with brother Elon Musk, with insight into the difference of opinion between SpaceX and the government. Kimbal talks about nearly missing the 4th launch in 2008 following a trip to Disneyland and how the launch left them in tears and a $1.6 billion contract with NASA.

Kimbal Musk shares his ventures with Starlink. Alongside brother Elon, the duo had to work with the Canadian government to smuggle Starlink to aid Ukraine, which he says helped save Kyiv. He elaborates on the frustrating relationship with the Biden government, the bitterness of Democrats – a party to which he belongs – and how he embodies the American Dream.

Kimbal Musk recounts his fights with brother Elon Musk, once forcing Elon to get a Tetanus shot after a physical fight. Kimbal shares the positives and negatives of Elon’s Asperger’s Syndrome on how it made him a genius but affects his social awareness and feelings of empathy.

Entrepreneur Kimbal Musk speaks on the love and energy behind taking risks, getting used to losing and learning from those losses. Kimbal discusses his use of meditation to help find a work-life balance and how after turning 50 he’s looking forward to the second half of his life.

Entrepreneur and environmentalist Kimbal Musk and his wife Christiana Wyly discuss their shared passion of food, how Kimbal once proposed without knowing it, and their three (technically four) weddings. Christiana opens up about her past struggles with weight loss and self-harm, and her journey with meditation that she now shares with Kimbal. The couple also discuss their future and learning to co-create.

We join Kimbal Musk in his Boulder, Colorado kitchen for a cooking lesson on soft scrambled eggs featured in his new cookbook, which is set for release on March 12, 2024. Kimbal shares the passion behind his cookbook and how his mom flew to Boulder to teach him to smile for the cover photo. 

We ride with Kimbal Musk in a Tesla Model S as he shares his thoughts on Tesla, comparing Teslas to the iPhone and traditional vehicles to Blackberries. He discusses the future of self-driving cars, saying he believes full autonomy is possible in 5 years.

Restaurateur Kimbal Musk shares the start of his restaurant The Kitchen in downtown Boulder, Colorado and rediscovering his love for bringing people together amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Culinary Director Chef Michael Bertozzi and Kimbal discuss their unique menu featuring a mix of cultures and cuisines that offer a twist with every dish, while sharing a taste of some of their most popular plates.

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