We travel to Los Angeles for exclusive access with the two-time Emmy nominee Cheryl Hines. The actress and comedian recalls making the nerve-racking move from Florida to LA and getting her start at the iconic Groundlings theater. Hines shares how she landed her big break on the hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm and opens up about her special bond with co-star Larry David and the emotional farewell to the cast. During our time together, we tagged along as she emceed a fundraising event for her husband, presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

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Cheryl Hines


Actress and comedian Cheryl Hines opens up about her early years, sharing stories of trying to get a fake ID with her sister’s information, winning homecoming queen in high school, and how she was kicked off the cheerleading team for talking too much. She also recalls her family visiting her in college and driving up with people sitting in lawn chairs in the back of their pickup truck.

Actress Cheryl Hines reflects on growing up without much money and having to share a bed with her mother. She also discusses her interesting route to college, first beginning at cosmetology school so she could work at a salon to pay her way through college, and having to change her major from acting to film and television production so she could bartend at night. Cheryl recalls her first job at Universal Studios and the tough decision to move to LA that was encouraged by her family.

Actress and comedian Cheryl Hines recalls working odd jobs in LA and the interesting experiences she faced as she was trying to break into the business. She shares working as a phone operator named Cookie, as a bartender at the hotel where the jurors of the OJ Simpson trial stayed, and as an assistant to Rob Reiner.

Actress Cheryl Hines recalls a dream of a man saying, “You know the joke” which ultimately led her to continue pursuing acting, and a turning point in her life where she considered moving back to Florida to study psychology. She shares gaining strength through this period of time, especially following a heartbreaking relationship, as well as the realization that she has everything she needs for a great life.

Comedian Cheryl Hines recalls meeting Phil Hartman’s sister who introduced her to The Groundlings, and opens up about her time watching, learning and performing at The Groundlings. She also shares that for her first class, her coworkers all chipped in for her birthday so she could afford it, reveals her first teacher was Lisa Kudrow, and discusses the advice and learning experiences she gathered.

Actress and comedian Cheryl Hines reflects on her long time role on Curb Your Enthusiasm, sharing  the interesting audition process, how the call to turn it into a series changed her life, and the exciting moment of learning that Harrison Ford knew who she was at the Golden Globes. Expressing how you expect to go through life with certain people, she opens up about her unique relationship with co-star Larry David, and how difficult the last days of filming were.

Actress and comedian Cheryl Hines shares what she learned through her first marriage with producer Paul Young, and the surprising responsibilities that accompanied marriage and parenthood. She also recalls the story of how co-star Larry David introduced her and her current husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as well as elaborating on how he proposed with a makeshift ring in Florida.

Actress Cheryl Hines discusses her involvement with husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign, starting out with limited interest but slowly becoming more and more involved, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expresses his admiration for her strategic judgment. They share how they deal with disagreements within the campaign, rules she put in place, as well as dealing with challenging interactions in the media and at home.

Actress and comedian Cheryl Hines opens up about her family and the valuable lessons and advice she learned from her grandmother, mother, and father. She also reflects on her father’s passing and shares the lighthearted moments they experienced in a time of sadness.

Actress Cheryl Hines opens up about the grief and heartache that followed her brother’s unexpected passing, the disconnect she felt being located so far from her family, and the realizations of experiencing grief and not feeling better for a long time. She also shares her philanthropic endeavors with United Cerebral Palsy after her nephew was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Comedian Cheryl Hines, and husband and politician Robert F. Kennedy Jr. share how he gifted Cheryl’s daughter an emu. They recall the eventful experiences Toby the Emu brought to their family including chasing people around the yard and going into the house. They also discuss Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s love of adventure and the time he was nearly attacked by a yak in Bhutan.

Comedian Cheryl Hines and husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recall visiting Cuba when Cheryl was arrested while her daughter was getting her hair braided, and discusses how they shared this story with Fidel Castro.

We join actress Cheryl Hines on a tour of her Malibu home as she gives an inside look into her favorite places. She shares the one place in her house her dogs aren’t allowed which is filled with  keepsakes and is the quietest palace in the house, and she discusses the company she created with her daughter called Hines+Young. Cheryl also shows off her home’s unique paintings, custom bookshelf, and their outdoor space with  decor from across the world.

Actress and comedian Cheryl Hines answers some rapid fire questions in her Malibu home!

The In Depth team has a little fun quizzing Cheryl Hines on Curb Your Enthusiasm trivia.

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