We’re in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles to capture one-of-a-kind access to stand-up comic, Bert Kreischer. While in Philadelphia, the comedian and podcast host offers an inside look at life on the road, including a glimpse at one of his workouts and an intimate look around his elaborate tour bus. Later, we visit Kreischer at his Los Angeles studio, which serves as the headquarters for his company, Berty Boy Productions. He opens up about struggles with PTSD, recent battles with panic attacks and an intentional lifestyle shift away from the heavy partying that earned him a signature nickname as “The Machine.”

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Bert Kreischer recounts the story of his daughter Georgia breaking her jaw and taking her to an expensive dentist in Beverly Hills. He describes the nerve-racking and emotional experience of his daughter’s anesthesia, and the surprising comfort and generosity of Whitney Houston.

Comedian Bert Kreischer discusses his role as a father and husband, expressing how tough it is as well as opening up about his kids serving as his muses. He shares how he pulls ideas and jokes from their lives, asking for forgiveness rather than permission but always respecting their wishes, and talking about his kids’ struggle with anonymity in a family of fame.

Bert Kreischer opens up about his wife LeeAnn. Both Bert and LeeAnn share how they first met at a bowling alley,  their first date story, and the unique rule they enforced at their wedding. Bert also shares how he won LeeAnn back with a CD mixtape after she had dumped him and why he made her the CEO of his company.

Comedian Bert Kreischer discusses starting his own company to do everything in-house after he decided to bet on himself, ultimately leading to a new level of success and the opportunity to help other comics. He also shares his praise for Kevin Hart and how he looks up to him because he believed in himself and used his ambition as motivation.

Comedian Bert Kreischer opens up about the lowest point in his career when he was dropped from the Travel Channel, his expected tour dates went away, and he premiered the lowest rated Showtime special. Bert reveals how a heartfelt conversation with his father led him to  take a chance on himself and how it ultimately led to his success today.

Comedian Bert Kreischer recalls his past when he was constantly working, traveling and partying, ultimately leading to his friends expressing their concerns about his drinking habits, weight and lifestyle. He reflects on the lack of control in his life at the time but that he was oblivious to the situation while he was in it. Bert shares the healthier lifestyle choices he has made and as a result has become more present in life and feeling real joy.

Bert Kreischer opens up about his uniquely close relationship with his father. Bert says that his father taught him to apologize and why his father is the reason he won’t discuss politics on stage. Bert details moving out of his family’s house after his dad’s cardiologist told him Bert was the reason for his cardiac episodes. Bert also shares their close bond over Rolex watches.

Bert Kreischer shares the emotional story of the vivid dream following a close friend passing away, where he was reincarnated as Jason Biggs’ and Jenny Mollen’s baby. Bert discusses his periods of vivid dreams as well as lucid dreaming, and how he uses marijuana to put him in a similar dream-like state.

Bert Kreischer recounts when his sister, Kottie, lived with him, bouncing between his fraternity house, sororities, and his other sister Annie’s house when his parents were temporarily separated. He recalls running into her and her friends at a bowling alley and how she went around parties to collect money so they could buy a keg. Bert also shares how he and Kottie work out together every morning and that he still considers her one of his best friends.

Bert Kreischer reflects on his time at Florida State University. He also details a recent visit to campus where he was given the Seminole Spear prior to a standup show at the Civic Center. Bert also reveals why he never watched National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, which is loosely based on his Rolling Stone article.

Comedian and television host, Bert Kreischer, discusses his injuries from his time on Hurt Bert and Bert the Conqueror, including falling off a waterfall which led to his rocky relationship with Valium and Oxycodone. He reflects on being the first person to jump off the Stratosphere, now known as the Strat, despite his initial hesitation to perform the stunt. Bert also opens up about going to therapy for PTSD following the shows.

Comedian Bert Kreischer shares how COVID helped the release of his comedy special on Netflix and gave him the idea to tour at drive-in movie theaters. He discusses the creation of Fully Loaded, a festival tour that has set record attendance, blows out beer records at baseball stadiums, and allows him to tour with his best friends.

Entrepreneur and environmentalist Kimbal Musk and his wife Christiana Wyly discuss their shared passion of food, how Kimbal once proposed without knowing it, and their three (technically four) weddings. Christiana opens up about her past struggles with weight loss and self-harm, and her journey with meditation that she now shares with Kimbal. The couple also discuss their future and learning to co-create.

Bert Kreischer answers some rapid fire questions with answers that may surprise you.

Podcast hosts, Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer, take us on a tour through their respective podcast studios, sharing the background on these locations, their motivations for continuing to host and their future plans.

Comedian Bert Kreischer takes us around his tour bus designed by daughter Ila, fitted with a full bathroom, a custom mattress and reclining seats. Bert also recounts the time he tried to sneak marijuana across the Canadian border while on tour.

Bert Kreischer shares his workout routine and his journey towards self-confidence and body positivity. He recounts his high school days playing sports, shares the wonders testosterone has done for him, and why doesn’t brush his teeth very often.

Comedian Bert Kreischer recalls meeting Will Smith for the first time. He remembers thinking how he thought Will had asked him on a date, and reveals why Tracy Morgan doesn’t like him. He also opens up about making amends in relationships and his emphasis on accountability.

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